A large congregation turned out to say farewell to our Rector. Ms Eileen
McClean (Ardee) read the lesson, Mr Sean Dunne (Drogheda) read the Epistle.
Mr Mike Buchanan read the Gospel. The rector preached: we have been very
fortunate to have had the benefit of his sermons: erudite and often with an
unusual angle. Singers from all the parishes came together and the music was
lovely. The students of St Peter’s NS sang, most appropriately, ‘One More Step
along the world I go’. They sound so well, thank you to Ms McKenna, Ms
Williams and Mr Jenkinson for all their wonderful work with their students.
Thank you to all who sang, and to our organist, Wendy, note-perfect as always.
The prayers were led by Ms Hazel O’Donoghue (Collon), Mr Alex Newett
(Dunleer) Mr Rogan Treadwell (Kilsaran Sunday School) Mr Nathan Delahoyde
(Drogheda Sunday School) Mr Charles Treadwell (Castlebellingham) and Ms
Ruth Higgins (Ardee). Mr Victor Whyte, parish reader, led some of the prayers,
the Rev’d David Murphy celebrated Holy Communion. There was much
behind-the-scenes work done by the churchwardens and their assistants, Mr
Sean Dunne, Mr James Black, Ms Hazel Spearman, Ms Jill Sloane. Jill also
organised her team to provide the food at the lunch afterwards: members of
Kilsaran, Ardee and Drogheda provided the sandwiches and cakes. To Jill and
her faithful team, thank you, you made it a very special occasion. At the end of
the service, there were presentations to the rector from the Sunday Schools,
(Messrs David and Charlie Black) from the bell-ringers (Mr David Taylor) and
from the Select Vestries (Ms Emma Sloane and Ms Ruth Higgins). As well as
members of the congregations, present were representatives from The Blue
School Committee, the Clergy Widows’ Trust, the Poor of St John’s and
Drogheda Homeless Aid. Thank you to all who attended and contributed: it
was a lovely, though sad, occasion. We wish Iain and his new parishioners every