The Occasional Newsletter of Drogheda, Ardee and Kilsaran Unions of Parishes

In Touch – June 2022


We offer our prayers and sympathy to sisters Aileen Bell and Bertha Fegan on the death of their sister, Phyllis.  The funeral was in Cavan Church, on 17th May.

We also offer our prayers and sympathy to Shirley Murray (our former Parish Hall Administrator) and her family,  on the recent death of her father Terry Kelly. 


The Easter General Vestries have now all taken place, the returns have been sent to Armagh.  Thank you to our churchwardens, glebewardens, treasurers, secretaries and members of the select vestries who faithfully ensure that our church property is in good order and our finances are healthy


Rector’s Churchwarden               Mr James Black

People’s Churchwarden               Ms Jill Sloan

Rector’s Glebewarden                 Mr Gerry Dagg

People’s Glebewarden                 Mr James Black

Communications officer              Mr Eugene McParland

Secretary                                   Ms Hazel Spearman

Treasurer                                   Mr Clive Bagnall

Ardee  and Collon

Rector’s Churchwarden (A)         Ms Hazel O’Donoghue

Rector’s Churchwarden (C)         Dr John Rountree

People’s Churchwarden (A)         Mr Mark Tynan

People’s Churchwarden (C)         Ms Hazel O’Donoghue  

Rector’s Glebewarden                 Dr John Rountree

People’s Glebewarden                 Mr George Angel

Secretary                                   Ms Ruth Higgins

Treasurer                                   Mr Ronnie Kavanagh

Kilsaran Union

Rector’s Churchwarden (C)         Ms Georgina Whyte

Rector’s Churchwarden (D)         Ms Emma Hoey

People’s Churchwarden (C)         Mr Graeme Treadwell

People’s Churchwarden (D)     Ms Olive Newett

Rector’s Glebewarden              Mr Charles Treadwell

People’s Glebewarden             Mr Harry Newett

Communications officer          Ms Georgina Whyte/Ms Sandra Byrne

Secretary                                  Ms Georgina Whyte

Treasurer                                 Mr Charles Treadwell


The flats in the renovated Blue School have now been let, thus assuring the church of some much-needed funds.  The whole process has been a ‘win-win’ one, for we hear a whisper that the Masonic Order, who previously had rooms in the Blue School, have, on 20th May, dedicated a splendid new Lodge.  May all have continued health to enjoy their new facilities.


Plans are afoot to hold a Summer Fair on 9th July, in St Peter’s Church grounds.  All proceeds will be given to HOMELESS AID/WOMEN’S REFUGE/and to the UKRANIAN cause.  With so many people in financial need, without homes, this is a really good cause and we need all the help we can get to make the event a success.  Thank you Lizanne for agreeing to co-ordinate the effort. Offers of help on the day and/or contributions and donations can be pledged to Lizanne on 086 2774271


A Parish Barbeque will be held on Sunday 26th June (after the Family Service) at St. Peter’s.


We are hoping to start Sunday School again soon and if you know of any children who might be interested in attending on Sundays please let Lizanne Allen on 086 2774271


Congratulations to Maud Keery on attaining her 100th birthday. Maud had a splendid party in the Glenside Hotel on 23rd May and some of those who attended said that, unlike the rest of us, Maud has not aged in the last fifty years.


If you haven’t already tried it, why not give yourself a treat and try out Sandra Byrne’s latest venture: her new coffee shop in Castlebellingham, in the old mill.  The coffee is freshly roasted Italian coffee, supplied locally by the family run business JP Coffee.  JP Coffee is based in the Cooley Peninsula; their daughter, Amanda Treadwell, as well as keeping our churchwarden happy, is their mid-Louth agent. The coffee shop comes highly recommended by our local coffee afficionados.

Sunday 5th June -Pentecost

8.15amHoly CommunionSt. Peter’s, Drogheda
09.45amMorning PrayerSt. Mary’s Abbey, Ardee
10.00amMorning PrayerCastlebellingham
11.15amNO SERVICEDunleer
11.30amCONFIRMATIONSt. Peter’s, Drogheda

Sunday 12th June – Trinity Sunday

08.15amHoly CommunionSt. Peter’s, Drogheda
09:45amMorning PrayerSt. Mary’s Abbey, Ardee
10.00 amHoly CommunionCastlebellingham
11.30amMorning PrayerSt. Peter’s Drogheda
4pmEvening PrayerDrumcar

Sunday 19th June – First Sunday after Trinity

08.15amHoly CommunionSt. Peter’s, Drogheda
09:45amHoly CommunionSt. Mary’s Abbey, Ardee
10.00 amMorning PrayerCastlebellingham
11.15 amMorning PrayerDunleer
11.30pmHoly CommunionSt. Peter;s, Drogheda

Sunday 26th  June – Second Sunday after Trinity

08.15amHoly CommunionSt. Peter’s, Drogheda
09:45amMorning PrayerSt. Mary’s Abbey, Ardee
10.00amHoly CommunionDunleer
11.30amFAMILY SERVICESt. Peter’s Drogheda
4pmEvening PrayerDunany

Sunday 3rd July – Third Sunday after Trinity

08.15amHoly CommunionSt. Peter’s, Drogheda
09:45amHoly CommunionSt. Mary’s Abbey, Ardee
10.00amMorning PrayerCastlebellingham
11.15amMorning PrayerDunleer
11.30amHoly CommunionSt. Peter’s, Drogheda

With every blessing,



Rev’d Dr, Iain Jamieson,         

Tel: (041) 9870073/ 083 8640133

The Rectory, Drogheda                   


The Rev’d Canon Joyce Moore      

Tel: (041) 6851327/087 7468866

Dunleer, Co. Louth 



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