All the Easter General Vestries have now taken place. Thank you to all who
have taken on the task of caring for our churches and facilitating our church
services. When there are policies to be ratified, the roof leaks, you can’t open
the safe, and the insurance is due, you realise just how important are the
contributions of vestry members, churchwardens, glebewardens, secretaries and
treasurers. The list of officers has been published on the website. Thank you
to all who keep our lines of communication open: Eugene for the website,
James for the WhatsApp, Hazel for the ‘In Touch’ and Helen for everything
else. Thank you too, to Karen, who, with Pauline Ashwood, has organised the
concerts, recitals and recordings in St Peter’s. Thank you to those who have
taken the trouble to attend the Safeguarding Trust sessions, organised by Helen
and me. Helen keeps our records safely and is a mine of useful information
and a treasure; I hope the rector finds another Helen in Moy, but Helens are