St Peter’s – Photo Project1 min read

Andreas F. Borchert undertook a Photography project in St. Peter’s on 26 August 2022.

He has now published 76 photos at Wikimedia Commons under multiple free
licenses which allow everyone to use these photos for free:

* 24 photos of the interior including the Apostle font and the
  communion table:,_Drogheda
  (the last two photos are by Gerd Eichmann)

* 34 photos of the monuments and memorials in the church,_Drogheda
  (most of the brass plates are missing, otherwise the set
  is complete, full transcriptions are given within the image descriptions)

* 18 photos of the stained glass windows,_Drogheda
  (the file descriptions of the images that show the entire window
  include also a transcription of the dedication)

You can examine the full description if you click at the images.
On these pages, there is a link named “original file” which allows
you to download these images in full resolution.