St Peter’s Drogheda

St. Peter’s Church of Ireland (Anglican/Episcopalian) Church is in the middle of Drogheda opposite Marks and Spencer’s. Christians have worshipped on this historic site for over 800 years and there are the remains of buildings in our church grounds possibly dating as far back as the thirteenth century. We are a friendly church and all sorts of people worship here. Our worship is fairly traditional Anglican worship with traditional prayers and hymns. Although some people criticise traditional worship we think that one of the important things about traditional worship is that it points to the unchanging nature of God, for as the hymn-writer says, quoting St Paul “a thousand ages in thy sight are as an evening gone.”

After a terrible arson attack on the church in 1999 there was a huge restoration project which gave us new buildings and new opportunities for service to the community. We seek to be at the heart of Drogheda and friends to all.

St. Peter’s viewed from the organ