The old bell in St Mary’s Church of Ireland Ardee

The old bell in St. Mary’s Church of Ireland Ardee rang in the New Year.

The old bell in St. Mary’s which was over hauled and left in working order for the millennium was rung again on New Year’s eve. The bell which had been out of commission for 51 years was rang for the first time to bring in the millennium.
Due to the great interest shown in this bell Leonard Hatrick the Church Warden has rung the bell ever since on New Year’s Eve and every time there is a service.
A good group of people gathered on the night to hear the bell and have a go at ringing it. Among those present were Ollie Reilly from New Dawson’s, Gerrard Ward, Mirriam Ward and Andrew Ward from Stickillen, Mary Grimes from the Ash Walk, Margaret and Leonard Hatrick from Old Dawson’s. There was also people passing through the town who pulled in to hear the bell.