Parish Profile (Ardee Union of Parishes)

Ardee Union of Parishes

Parish Profile

March 2016

General Information

Ardee Union of Parishes is comprised of 2 parishes, Ardee Parish and Collon Parish. The Union of Parishes was formed in the 1970s. Ardee Parish is centred around St Mary’s Abbey, located in the centre of the busy market town of Ardee in County Louth. St Mary’s Abbey dates from the 13th century, and is easily visible on the main street of Ardee.


Inside St Mary’s Abbey

Collon Church

Collon Parish is 10 kilometres south of Ardee in the village of Collon. It is a magnificent church positioned on the main Dublin Road.


Ardee Union of Parishes is located in mid Louth and has approximately 42 families registered and of these 22 are active. Average attendance at services is between 15 – 25.






The current schedule of services is as follows:

1st Sunday in month          Holy Communion   Ardee             9.45.a.m.
2nd Sunday in month         Morning Prayer      Ardee             9.45 a.m.
3rd Sunday in month          Holy Communion   Ardee             9.45 a.m.
4th Sunday in month        Morning Prayer      Collon            9.45 a.m.
5th Sunday by rotation between Drogheda, Ardee and Kilsaran Union of
Parishes        Holy Communion   11 a.m.

Services currently are led by:
Canon Joyce Moore of Dunleer, County Louth
and Morning Prayer by our 2 lay readers: Bru Bellew and Victor Whyte.
We also have a parish reader in training.

Due to prudent management the parish is financially sound.


Character of the Union of Parishes:
The Ardee Union of Parishes is a rural community with a traditional outlook. The Book of Common Prayer is used and both Rite 1 and Rite 2 forms of service are followed.

Mission Statement and Philsosophy of the Union of Parishes:
The mission statement of Ardee Union of Parishes is “A Community in Unity”. The philosophy of the Union of Parishes is to maintain the presence of the Church of Ireland within the community and actively provide Church of Ireland worship in the locality. The Union of Parishes strives to be a welcoming community for any newcomers, especially those from an Anglican background. The Union of Parishes practices the principles of inclusion, reflecting the changing nature of Irish society.

Current special efforts being undertaken by the Union of Parishes:
In order to aid the general restoration of Collon Church,  Friends of Collon Church were formed approximately 4 years ago to adopt a proactive role in fundraising.  This is a local charity consisting of some parish members and local residents and involves a variety of fund raising activities.
St Mary’s Abbey in Ardee hosts the annual Irish Baroque Festival every November under the auspices of Louth County Council’s Arts Programme. This is an activity designed for the entire community with a national outreach.

Parish Objectives:

To increase the congregation by 5% each year, based on Registered vestrymen figures.

To donate collections received at Christmas, Easter and Harvest festival services to local charities.

To donate the collection received at Remembrance Sunday services to the Royal British Legion.

To ensure that the Churches used in the Union of Parishes are maintained to a safe standard.

Planning permission is being sought for a cloakroom in St Mary’s Abbey.