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In early 2021 the Friends were occupied with repairing and replacing the original parapet stones over the east window. These stones had become unstable and were removed in the 1980s. It was possible to salvage and re-use 40% of these stones, and matching stones were designed and made by McMonagle Stone, Mountcharles, Co Donegal. The re-erection of these stones was a skilled task and thanks are due to McMonagle Stone, Johnston Construction and to the stone mason Anthony Rafferty. The replaced parapet stones look very well and much enhance the appearance of the east façade.

In 2021 a successful application was made to the Historic Structures Fund operated by Louth Co Council, and a further grant of €70,000 was awarded to repair and restore the internal plasterwork which had been damaged by years of water penetration.  This work commenced in August 2021 and was ongoing at the end of the year.