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Church services ceased in February and the roof repair work began in March. However Covid restrictions caused the work to stop until June when it recommenced. In June and July the slates were removed and the roof was covered with weather proof membrane below the new slates. Repairs were done to the gutters and to the wooden wall plate timbers and rafters. Within the roof space it was discovered repairs were needed where the main frame truss timbers intersect the walls. The main trusses were strengthened by purpose made steel extensions and rebuilt roof plates. Internal scaffolding and a central catwalk with harness rail was inserted in the roof space to allow safe access. The access door was replaced on the north side and a dormer window was inserted on the south side. New lead flashing was installed over the east parapet. At the end of 2020 the Friends were delighted to announce that the replacement of the outer roof was complete and the building was effectively watertight.