Current Office Bearers and Appointments to Easter 2023

Ardee and Collon

Rector’s ChurchwardenHazel O’Donoghue
Vestry ChurchwardenMark Tynan
Rector’s GlebewardenJohn Rountree
Vestry GlebewardenGeorge Angel
SecretaryBrian Rowntree
TreasurerRonnie Kavanagh
Synod RepresentativeBrian Rowntree
Supplemental Synod RepresentativeRuth Higgins
Parochial NominatorRuth Higgins
Supplemental Parochial NominatorBrian Rowntree

Kilsaran Union

Rector’s Churchwarden CBGeorgina Whyte
Vestry Churchwarden CBGraeme Treadwell
Rector’s Churchwarden DLEmma Hoey
Vestry Churchwarden DLOlive Newett
Rector’s GlebewardenCharles Treadwell
Vestry GlebewardenHarry Newett
SecretaryGeorgina Whyte
TreasurerCharles Treadwell
Synod RepresentativeAnne-Marie Newett
Supplemental Synod RepresentativeCharles Treadwell
Parochial NominatorGraeme Treadwell
Supplemental Parochial NominatorAlan Whyte


Rector’s ChurchwardenJames Black
Vestry ChurchwardenSean Dunne
Rector’s GlebewardenGerry Dagg
Vestry GlebewardenJames Black
SecretaryHazel Spearman
TreasurerClive Bagnall
Synod RepresentativeHazel Spearman
Supplemental Synod RepresentativeLizanne Allen
Parochial NominatorCarlos McDowell
Parochial NominatorClive Bagnall
Supplemental Parochial NominatorHazel Spearman
Supplemental Parochial NominatorLizanne Allen


The Revd Canon Joyce Moore, Dundalk Road, Dunleer, Co. Louth