Collon Church

A Service is held in Collon Church on the Fourth Sunday of the month at 09.45am


Collon Church, an elegant structure of hewn limestone, in the ancient style of English architecture and modelled on the plan of the chapel of King’s College, Cambridge. Collon and its church are closely associated with the Foster family who arrived in County Louth in the 1600s.  In 1764 the Fosters erected the first Church of Ireland church in Collon and a bible inscribed with this date still survives. In 1810 the Fosters decided to build anew on a site immediately to the south of the eighteenth-century church and, begun in 1811, the present church was ready to hold its first service in September 1815.

National Inventory of Architectural Heritage – Building of the Month 2015

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Friends of Collon Church was set up to help maintain and repair historic Collon Church. Click here for their WebSite Visit also the Friends of Collon Church on