Current Office Bearers and Appointments – Easter 2016 to Easter 2017

Church Wardens

Mr. E. McParland (Rector’s); Mr. F. O’Looney (People’s)

Glebe Wardens

Mr. G. Dagg (Rector’s); Mr. R. Taylor (People’s)

Select Vestry

The Church Wardens and Glebe Wardens ex officio together with:

Ms. L. Allen; Mr. J. Black; Ms. K. Coleman; Ms. H. Delahoyde;
Mr. S. Dunne; Ms. J. Finnamore; Mr. D. Hughes; Mr. H. Kruger;
Dr. C. McDowell; Mr. G. Murray; Mr. A. Oughton; Mr. R. Rusk;
Ms. H. Spearman

Diocesan Synodspersons 2014 – 2017

        Ms. D. Russell                Dr. C. McDowell

supplemental:                  Ms. S. Murray

Parochial Nominators 2014 – 2017

Mr. G. Dagg; Dr. C. McDowell

supplemental: Mr. C. Bagnall; Ms. L. Allen

Hon. Treasurer:

Mr. C.P. Bagnall

Hon. Secretary:

Ms. H. Delahoyde

Organist and Choirmaster:

Ms. V. Shaw


The Revd Iain Jamieson, St Peter’s Rectory, Drogheda, Co. Louth
The Revd Canon Joyce Moore, Dundalk Road, Dunleer, Co. Louth